“Cinnamon Kill” by Jake Christie, Medium


New story on Medium about the dark side of #PSL season.

The last Instagram photo Kimberly Reynolds ever posted was of a pumpkin spice latte.

It’s still there on her Instagram account. Like all of her photos, it’s carefully arranged and brightly lit. The black mug of coffee sits on a clean white tablecloth, with the handle pointing down and to the right, towards five o’clock. There’s a sprinkle of spice on top of the latte foam, like a fresh dusting of cinnamon-and-nutmeg snow. A single homemade biscotti, with a single bite taken out, runs parallel to the frame.

“#Homemade #PumpkinSpiceLatte,” reads the caption. “Is there a better way to start a #Saturday?”

An hour after she posted that photo, Kimberly Reynolds was dead.

She got 53 likes.

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