All hail the Pentametron.

This nifty algorithm, which was the subject of a story on NPR, crawls twitter to find tweets written in iambic pentameter. When it finds two tweets that rhyme, it retweets them to form a Shakespearean couplet, like so:

No hotdogs at IKEA so upset 😦
Regret regret regret regret regret

The Pentametron website collects these couplets to form sort-of sonnets out of them, which can be quite beautiful in their own right:

Eye contact is a privilege, not a right

Play secretary, I’m the boss tonight.

That was the fastest half an hour yet

What’s better? Bacon or the Internet?


Cheese Macaroni *offers* anyone??


I kinda wanna smoke tomorrow tho

so Jerry springer has another show ???


Regretting that decision from before

Is everyone asleep already or??..

I absolutely hate a bugaboo!

There’s never gonna be another you.


What if forever isn’t long enough?

Especially lying over stupid stuff.

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