“For Those Still In Syria, A Daily Struggle” by Kelly McEvers, NPR

Photo: AP Photo/Narciso Contreras (from Atlantic In Focus)

Photo: AP Photo/Narciso Contreras (from Atlantic In Focus feature “Syria’s Long, Destructive Civil War”; click photo to see more)

Kelly McEvers has an arresting story on today’s Morning Edition about a displaced family squatting in a school in Syria’s largest city, Aleppo. The heartbreaking details cut through the death tolls, news clips and political statements to show the real cost this civil war has on Syrian families:

Em Ali laughs even when she’s telling the sad stories. But before she says good night, her voice gets quiet. She says that from time to time, she hopes that she will be killed with her kids, “just to stop all this, all of it.”

This kind of journalism, which shows the human side of this distant war, is so important. It seems that the devastation of this conflict don’t become real and impossible to ignore until we can hear the real voices and listen to the real experiences of those involved.

Listen to “For Those Still in Syria, A Daily Struggle” on NPR.org

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