In May of 2022, L.L.Bean began a partnership with Mental Health America, focused on helping people prioritize the power of going outside. Rather than issue a simple press release, we announced the partnership in a disruptive way: signing off of social media for a month to focus on spending more time outside, while leaving customers with resources to help get outside.

Social Media

On May 1, we replaced our Instagram gallery with a nature-inspired “takeover,” announcing our intention to spend the month focused on time outdoors. We also encouraged people to utilize the resources on our website to learn more about the benefits of time outside.

Editorial Content

In partnership with Mental Health America, I wrote a new piece of editorial “how-to” content for L.L.Bean’s Get Outside Guide: “How to Get Outside and Ease Your Mind.” This piece was picked up by numerous news sources and publications, amplifying our announcement and exposing more people to the resources that will help them benefit from time outside.

Earned Media

The disruptive announcement worked! Media – from local publications like The Portland Press Herald and New Center Maine, to national publications like Forbes and AdAge – picked up on our message and spread it far and wide. Best of all, our announcement didn’t just make a PR splash; it actually helped people get outdoors and focus on their mental health.

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